It's Time To Generate
Income With Impact!

You realized that God created you with an assignment?
An assignment meant to bring Him glory, 
fulfill you in every way, and create profit as you do it!

Let's Discuss The Details!

I have all these ideas & don’t know where to start?
How do I start my business
alongside my 9 to 5?
How will I ever generate enough revenue to work in my business full time?
How do I grow a tribe ready to buy from me?
 An easy, replicable model specialized to your unique gifts.
A marketing methodology that positions your purpose to profit.
The right system to make revenue generation easy.
An implementation team that works for you  
Connection to a strong community of ambitious, purpose-focused professionals just like you, ready to do what it takes to build a business that serves people  + make money while they do it!
Support from an expert coach who not only teaches you invaluable strategy but works alongside you to implement it.
With all of this in place, having a successful business is more than possible. It’s the foundation you need to move from fantasizing about it to actuating your dream into your NOW!
You have to know that I don’t teach anything I haven’t personally implemented in my business and, to be honest, I had to learn many of these secrets the hard way. I spent hundreds of thousands of dollars before my business went from broke to bankable. Oh, I am talking multiple 6 figures bankable within 6 months of learning the insight I’ll teach you and work with you to implement.

Once I learned this powerful insight for myself, I realized it was much too hard to pull all the pieces together on my own. Nowhere was there one place I could find to walk me through it all. That’s why I created the Brilliance Mastery Academy, to be the ONE place that gives you ALL you need to run a successful service-based business.

As a matter of fact, I feel like God allowed me to go through all I went through to get here,  just so I could be passionate and on fire enough to walk you through all you need to master the significance that your purpose was specifically designed for + the income and impact attached to it!

Encompasses the tools, templates, training & coaching to support you and work alongside you as you implement the systems in 4 areas you need to have a successful business which are;
It's time to leverage your purpose into a brand that will be recognized, deliver results and have your ideal clients running to you. Why? Because you have exactly what they need but you have to make sure they see it to say yes to it.  Ultimately, the strategy you create here is what will help you dominate in the lane God created YOU to dwell in.

The BENEFIT:  You will stand out in the sea of people who do what you do so that your ideal client identifies you as the answer they have been looking for!

Marketing is a valuable tool for growing your business, but to stay competitive and generate revenue, it's important to develop your brand identity and position it the RIGHT way on the platforms where your ideal client will easily find you.  Doing this work will move you from being just another cookie cutter in your marketplace to standing out in the sea of people who do what you do.

The BENEFIT:  You will build a tribe full of the RIGHT people who are ready to hire you = pay you to work with you. 

Mastering the methodology to have conversations that convert, closing online sales + designing all the elements you need in place will allow you to generate revenue & put the team in place to support you so that you can scale your business & continue to grow. Learning the strategy to make invitations in a way that your tribe says yes to hire you without you having to make a forced sales pitch.

The BENEFIT: You will close sales with confidence as you convert prospects into committed clients. 
The key to generating effortless revenue in your business is by having an automation platform designed for you that gives you all the tools needed to sell, fulfill and manage every way you serve your clients in your business. Plus it gives you the structure you need in place to generate multiple streams of revenue.

The BENEFIT: Your business will work for you while you are not present = making money in your sleep!

3 One-on-One Coaching Calls with Dr. Nicole Roberts Jones – You receive value-packed coaching calls with just you & Dr. Nicole to ensure your strategy is sound along the way.
NRJ Enterprises Implementation Team Works For You - Our team works for you to set up the automation you need in place for your business to run on autopilot. This is the key to making money while you sleep as we put together the coordinating system that will run your client engagement and fulfillment arm of your business.
2 Group Mastermind Calls A Month  These mastermind/group calls are ideal for support as you implement and build your business alongside a supportive community growing with you.
The secrets I reveal to you in BMA, have already helped me and my clients generate predictable revenue, I am talking multiple 6 and some 7 figures in revenue! Why am I sharing them with you? Not just because I am called to do this work, but when I help you get in alignment with God’s highest call for your life, I know people will equally be blessed by your work. 
So I also gift you with….
The true key to UNLEASH your PURPOSE and stand fully in your POWER is to identify and release anything that could prevent you from living as the highest and best version of who God created you to be! Here you'll develop the tools to:
Fight through Imposter Syndrome, fears, and doubts.
Remove hidden barriers to the power God placed inside of you.
Gain the momentum to move beyond limits.
Release blocks you have around money so you can go after your abundance.
Tap into your own strength & get the keys to do you on a whole NEW level!
Equalizing your life is beyond creating balance and bigger than finding a time management system. The key to making all you want to happen in your life and business is to put the systems in place that will work for you. Here you will:
Get clear on the 4 areas of your life that make you feel fulfilled, happy, and complete.
Learn the keys to effectively use every hour in your day.
Manage your life so you NEVER feel unbalanced or overwhelmed again.
You have to know, I am beyond excited to spend the next 12 months with you making sure you have all the tools and systems in place to truly Bankroll Your Brilliance & launch your revenue making strategy the right way for the right people so they say yes and allow you to serve them = pay you, RIGHT NOW!

I’ve seen so many highly skilled professionals do it the wrong way!  And here is where we will set you up the RIGHT way!!

Now it’s time to ignite that brilliance in you! Because there are people waiting for ONLY what you can do!

Since working with Nicole to create my blueprint  & develop my backend, my income in my business has grown 500% in the first year.
As a result of working with Nicole, I've been able to discover how to package what I do into my own blueprint.  I laugh sometimes thinking of how I used to describe what I do and now I do it with such grace & ease. Matter of fact I got a six figure client as soon as I started using my blueprint!
I knew I had a gift, but it wasn't until I worked with Nicole - where she pulled it out of me - that I discovered exactly how to take it to the masses...
Who Are Ready To Get Your Business Up,
Running & Serving All That Need You
+ Generate Revenue While You Do It!